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Mini Backlit Channel Letter Lighting LED Module
  • Mini Backlit Channel Letter Lighting LED Module
  • Mini Backlit Channel Letter Lighting LED Module
Mini Backlit Channel Letter Lighting LED Module
Mini Backlit Channel Letter Lighting LED Module

Mini Backlit Channel Letter Lighting LED Module

Mini LED module is compact lighting solutions designed for various applications. With their small size and versatility, these modules offer flexibility in creating intricate lighting designs. Ideal for signage, displays, and accent lighting, mini LED modules provide bright and efficient illumination.
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Mini Backlit Channel Letter Lighting LED Module 

Mini LED module is compact lighting solutions designed for various applications. With their small size and versatility, these modules offer flexibility in creating intricate lighting designs. Ideal for signage, displays, and accent lighting, mini LED modules provide bright and efficient illumination. Their low power consumption and easy installation make them a practical choice for both indoor and outdoor settings. Elevate your lighting projects with the space-saving and dynamic capabilities of mini LED modules. Suitable for mini word Seiko word.


Mini LED Module Size Drawing:


Mini LED Module Specifications:

ManufacturerMengHaoPiece Weight0.002
Country Of OriginChinaSize16*8mm
Lamp Bead Type3030Center Distance76mm
Lamp Bead Amount1PCSBead Distance/
Level Of ProtectionIP65Wire Length70mm
Luminance48lmLinear Diameter0.52mm
Brightness Per Watt120lmEach String/One20
Power0.4WGuarantee Period3 Years
Irritation Angle120°*140°Case/Weight23.8kg
ColourW/CWCarton Size51*36*31CM
Color Temperature2800-15000KLumen Depreciation<6%
Wire Diameter0.22mm²Life Time50000

Advantages of Mini LED Module

  1. Compact Size: Micro LED modules are small and compact, making them ideal for areas with limited or limited space. When you come across the word "small," it means you can place them anywhere you want in your lighting fixtures and signs.

  2. Energy Efficiency: Mini LED modules are highly energy-saving, so they consume very little electricity compared to other traditional lighting sources such as incandescent lamps, i.e. light bulbs that use filaments and fluorescent tubes. This reduces the energy consumption of the electricity supply and reduces carbon emissions.

  3. Long lifespan: Mini LED modules have a typical lifespan; however, they can continue to operate for tens of thousands of hours. This therefore reduces the number of replacements required and keeps maintenance costs to a minimum so they remain affordable in the long run.

  4. Brightness and Visibility: Despite its tiny size, a mini LED module can emit bright light evenly in any given area, earning it a place among many different types of light sources. Whether it is accent lighting, task lighting or signage lighting; always with the same brightness and increased visibility for all uses, these devices play an important role in providing a more aesthetically pleasing appearance indoors or outdoors.

  5. Customizable Design: Tiny LEDs can take on different shapes like square, rectangular, round, etc. so one can create any shape he/she wants to meet specific requirements; this option can also help him/her Satisfy personal preferences related to aesthetics. They can be attached anywhere within a light fixture or sign, which greatly broadens our horizons in terms of lighting design options.

  6. Instant On/Off: The small size LEDs light up instantly when turned on; they require no warm-up time at all. Therefore, people should not wander around different places for different purposes but should enjoy uniform lighting despite the many environmental conditions that exist around us before making decisions related to turning on or off lighting.

  7. Dimmability: Most of the Mini LED modules are dimmable; therefore, this gives people the opportunity to adjust the amount of light emitted from these sources to suit their taste or any other specific conditions. This is even more important when multiple levels of lighting need to be provided, such as in a home or hotel.

  8. Durability: Mini LED modules are ruggedly constructed and resistant to shock, vibration and high temperatures, making them less likely to break. Additionally, they can withstand greater stress from frequent switching on and off and rough treatment than other products used outside commercial buildings and industrial sites.

  9. Environmentally friendly: Mini LED modules contain no mercury and emit very little heat during operation. In addition, when their service life is over, they can still be reused, keeping the environment clean and reducing waste generation.

Application of Mini LED Module

  • Signage lighting: Backlighting of signage, channel letters and logos is one of the most common uses for Mini LED modules. Due to its small size, it can be easily installed even in very limited spaces, or it can be integrated into complex designs, resulting in brighter and more even lighting, thereby improving the visibility of outdoor or indoor signs.

  • Retail display lighting: The application of micro LED modules in retail displays, shelves, and showcases is a way to highlight product effects. They provide sharp and concentrated light that highlights product details, directing customers' attention to the featured items in a store, boutique or showroom.

  • Cabinet and shelf lighting: Micro LED modules are installed inside cabinets, shelves, and display cabinets to achieve task lighting while emphasizing the items inside. Their low-profile and energy-efficient lighting make them ideal for home use, including collections, glassware and decorative materials in galleries or museums.

  • Under-cabinet lighting: Mini LED modules come in handy in places like kitchens, bathrooms, workshops, etc. where there are cabinets. Installation is easier given their compact size, while their adhesive backing allows them to be used appropriately when providing task lighting for countertops and improving visibility in areas that ceiling fixtures cannot effectively cover.

  • Accent and bay lighting: Accent lighting is provided by mini LED modules integrated into architectural structures such as bay niches. In addition to emphasizing various architectural aspects, they diffuse light, thereby creating depth within residential-commercial spaces and thereby creating ambience.

  • Automotive lighting: Interior lighting system, including instrument panel backlighting; door handle light accent lights use mini LED modules. Their small size and low power consumption make them suitable for integration into various automotive component combinations.

  • DIY Projects: When DIY enthusiasts look for components that can be used to create their own lighting solutions (e.g. model displays, art installations, etc.), they turn to micro LED modules due to their small size and multi-functionality Sex, can be used for creative expression purposes.

  • Event and stage lighting: The application of Mini LED modules in event lighting, stage backgrounds or concert productions brings more dynamic lighting. They feature color-changing capabilities and can be synchronized to music or set up to display complex light stages, enhancing the visuals of theatrical performances, festivals and concerts.

  • Safety and emergency lighting: Mini LED modules are suitable for safety lighting, such as emergency exit signs, passage markings, evacuation route lighting, etc. They provide a reliable source of light whenever there is a power outage or any other form of emergency, ensuring that people do not fall down in the dark.

  • Electronic displays: For electronic displays such as scoreboards, information boards, digital signage, etc., Mini LED modules are used by different brands. The bright light emitted by such a small component enables the production of colorful displays that aid in advertising and conveying important information while still entertaining the viewer.

Mini LED Module FAQ

What is Mini LED module?

Mini LED modules are small lighting units that integrate light-emitting diodes (LEDs) onto compact circuit boards and are commonly used in a variety of lighting applications.

How does Mini LED module work?

The working principle of the Mini LED module is to convert electrical energy into light through the movement of electrons within semiconductor materials, thereby producing lighting.

What types of lights are available with Mini LED modules?

Mini LED modules are available in a variety of colors, including white (warm, neutral or cool), RGB (red, green, blue) as well as single color options such as red, green, blue or amber.

Can Mini LED modules be dimmed?

Yes, many Mini LED modules are dimmable, allowing users to adjust brightness levels to create different lighting effects or meet specific lighting needs.

Can Mini LED modules be used outdoors?

Yes, some Mini LED modules are designed to be waterproof or weather-resistant, making them suitable for outdoor applications such as landscape lighting or outdoor signage.

How to supply power to Mini LED module?

Mini LED modules are typically powered by a low-voltage DC power source, such as an LED driver or power supply, ranging from 12V to 24V, depending on the module specification.

Do Mini LED modules need heat sinks?

Some high-power Mini LED modules may require a heat sink or thermal management solution to effectively dissipate heat and ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Is Mini LED module easy to install?

Yes, the mini LED modules are designed for easy installation, with options for adhesive backing, screw mounting or snap-in mounting depending on the application.

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