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LED Dimmer Module for Advertising Signs
  • LED Dimmer Module for Advertising Signs
  • LED Dimmer Module for Advertising Signs
  • LED Dimmer Module for Advertising Signs
LED Dimmer Module for Advertising Signs
LED Dimmer Module for Advertising Signs
LED Dimmer Module for Advertising Signs

LED Dimmer Module for Advertising Signs

This module is suitable for 8cm-15cm high side light boxes among other applications. An outstanding China LED Dimmer Module Manufacturer can help you enhance your lighting solutions.
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This tiny dimming device uses electricity and is designed to control the brightness of LED lights. It allows adjusting light amounts produced by LEDs hence enabling users to have personalized lighting arrangements. Dimmer module’s user interface has been designed in such a way that it makes it possible for one to create ambient lighting environments, improve energy efficiency and expand the lifespan of light-emitting diode lamps. A highly versatile dimmer module, this product adopts different types of LED luminaires and is an essential part of creating dynamic and mood-boosting light effects in residential, commercial as well as industrial spheres. This module is suitable for 8cm-15cm high side light boxes among other applications. An outstanding China LED Dimmer Module Manufacturer can help you enhance your lighting solutions.


LED Dimmer Module Size Drawing:


LED Dimmer Module Specifications: 

ManufacturerMengHaoPiece Weight0.09
Country Of OriginChinaSize70*17mm
Lamp Bead Type3030Center Distance255mm
Lamp Bead Amount3PCSBead Distance20mm
Level Of ProtectionIP65Wire Length155mm
Luminance195lmLinear Diameter0.57mm
Brightness Per Watt130lmEach String/One20
Power1.5WGuarantee Period5 Years
Irritation Angle170°Case/Weight24kg
ColourW/CWCarton Size51*36*31CM
Color Temperature2800-15000KLumen Depreciation<6%
Wire Diameter0.26mm²Life Time50000

Advantage of LED Dimmer Module

Customizable Lighting:

Adjustable Brightness: It allows consumers to reduce or increase the intensity of light depending on how they want it.

Dynamic Lighting Effects: This feature helps in creating alternative lighting effects from bright lightings that augments visibility to soft luminous illuminations.

Energy Efficiency:

Reduced Energy Consumption: Dimming the lights is a mechanism through which the energy used by these bulbs can be reduced thus reducing the electricity bills.

Eco-Friendly: A green option for lighting, it reduces energy consumption and with it lessening its carbon footprint on the surrounding environment wherein contributes positively towards sustainability.

Extended Lifespan of LED Bulbs:

Less Heat Generation: By lowering their power, this heat generation will reduce hence prolonging the life of such LEDs.

Reduced Wear and Tear: The lower levels of light mean fewer demands on the components of LEDs, thus resulting in longer lasting bulbs.


Compatibility: With many types of LED fixtures and installations, this makes it a good choice for different lighting needs.

Wide Range of Applications: This fits residential settings, commercial settings as well as industrial environments including light boxes having side heights between 8-15 cm.

User-Friendly Interface:

Ease of Use: Made with a minimalistic interface which is user friendly. It comes with an intuitive design thereby allowing individuals to adjust brightness easily when needed without any hassle involved at all.

Remote Control Options: Some versions have remote control capability allowing you to control them conveniently even while far away from your home or office space.

Enhanced Ambiance and Comfort:

Mood Lighting: Serves in creating relaxed environments where people feel safe despite being indoors at homes; restaurants; hotels etc,.

Reduced Glare: Through dimming, glaring issues occur less frequently and therefore eye strains lighten up giving one a better experience.

Application of LED Dimmer Module

Residential Settings:

  • Living Rooms: Adjust the light to make it either dimly lit or brightly lit for movie nights and reading respectively.

  • Bedrooms: Reduce illumination in bedrooms to calm down occupants before they sleep or increase lighting levels during morning routines.

  • Kitchens: Vary the amount of light for cooking and dining purposes, thus making it both practical and cozy.

  • Bathrooms: Either have soft light for relaxation or brightened light when performing grooming tasks.

  • Home Offices: Personalize these levels to reduce fatigue on eyes and enhance efficiency.

Commercial Spaces:

  • Retail Stores: Enhance customers’ experience by using adjustable illuminations that will attract them and display products effectively.

  • Restaurants and Cafes: Dim the light while dining so as to make places inviting for clients.

  • Offices: Minimize glare on screens by adjusting lights at individual workstations thereby improving comfort and productivity generally speaking.

  • Hotels and Hospitality: Enable guests to enjoy their stay by providing room lights that can be customized as well as common areas with ambient lights.

  • Event Venues: They should modify their lighting modes depending on what event is being hosted, from conferences to parties for example.

Industrial Environments:

  • Warehouses: By doing this, there is a possibility of seeing better in warehouses because visibility improves with such changes when compared with unchanged conditions of continuous high brightness throughout all working hours which contribute greatly towards much energy wastage hence higher costs of electric power being incurred than necessary

  • Manufacturing Plants: This way different processes will be done correctly with no mistakes made at any point since each phase will have its own appropriate level of lighting required thus maintaining safety elements needed everywhere

  • Workshops: In addition, brighter lights should be installed in rooms where workers are involved in very detailed activities than those meant for general usage so as not only to consolidate job accuracy but also give rest to human eye muscles

Outdoor and Public Spaces:

  • Street Lighting: Dim streetlights during lulls in traffic to get the best of energy use while guaranteeing security.

  • Parks and Recreational Areas: Make them usable at any time; increase as well as reduce the lighting in parks for appropriate times and activities that suit this purpose.

  • Building Facades: Increase or decrease brightness level of light from architectural features which thereby result into dynamic lighting displays in such buildings.

LED Dimmer Module FAQ

What is the difference between leading edge and trailing edge dimmers?

Leading edge dimmers: Typically used for incandescent and halogen bulbs, they may not work with LEDs.

Trailing edge dimmers: Designed specifically for LEDs, they offer smoother dimming and better compatibility.

How do I troubleshoot an LED dimmer module?

Check compatibility: Make sure the module is compatible with your LEDs.

Check wiring: Confirm that all connections are secure and correct.

Consult the manual: Refer to the manufacturer's instructions for specific troubleshooting steps.

Seek professional help: If the problem persists, consult an electrician.

What is the lifespan of an LED dimmer module?

The lifespan of an LED dimmer module can vary depending on usage and quality. High-quality modules from reputable manufacturers typically have longer lifespans.

Does an LED dimmer module affect the color of an LED light?

Typically, dimming affects brightness, not color. However, at very low brightness levels, some LEDs may show slight color shifts.

What are some safety considerations for using an LED dimmer module?

Make sure the module is installed properly and follow all safety guidelines. Use modules that comply with relevant safety standards and certifications.

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