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IP67 Rainproof LED Power Supply for Outdoor LED Lighting
  • IP67 Rainproof LED Power Supply for Outdoor LED Lighting
IP67 Rainproof LED Power Supply for Outdoor LED Lighting

IP67 Rainproof LED Power Supply for Outdoor LED Lighting

A reliable solution designed for outdoor LED lighting applications is the rainproof LED power supply. With a structure that can resist rain, it guarantees durability and longevity when used in wet weather conditions.
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IP67 Rainproof LED power supply for Outdoor LED Lighting

A reliable solution designed for outdoor LED lighting applications is the rainproof LED power supply. With a structure that can resist rain, it guarantees durability and longevity when used in wet weather conditions. It provides 12 volts output which makes it compatible with different types of LED lights while having a capacity of 60 watts which effectively illuminates various areas of an office or home. This power supply is ideal for outside lightening projects with the dangers posed by rains as it gives a safe and efficient energy source to keep the LEDs running.


Rainproof LED Power Supply Specifications: 

Country of OriginChinaPiece Weight0.44kg
AC170-265VAC  50/60HzSize180*70*26mm
Level of ProtectionIP65Guarantee Period5 Years
Recommended Load80%Cases/PCS50
PF0.6 MaxCase/Weight22.2kg
TA/TC45°C-80°CCarton Size380*280*150
Operating Temperature-30°C-+45°C

Advantage of Rainproof LED Power Supply

  • Moisture protection: An LED power supply that is rainproof can resist rain, snow and moisture without affecting its operation. The enclosure being waterproofed and sealing helps to protect internal components from water ingress, thus avoiding electrical damage and providing a long-term solution in open areas.

  • Strong construction: Durable materials such as aluminum or polycarbonate are used in making the rainproof LED power supplies which are not affected by corrosion, rusting or deterioration due to contact with humidity or UV rays. This construction makes the lifespan of the power supply longer while reducing the need for repair or replacement.

  • Flexibility in application: Rainproof LED power supplies can be used for many outdoor lighting applications including landscape lighting, architectural lighting, security lighting and outdoor signage. It allows them to be used in parks, gardens, building exteriors, parking lots among other outdoor places since they are capable of resisting moistures and environmental elements.

  • Safety compliance: In order to ensure safety when using them outside buildings rainproof LED power supplies meet safety standards set by regulations.They have built-in overcurrent protection devices that protect against electrical hazards.Short-circuits are also protected against through incorporating short-circuit protection.It ensures safety of property and users.

  • Ease of installation: They are made to be incorporated into an outdoor light fixture as a rainproof LED power supply.This may involve mounting brackets or hardware usually for securing them on walls where poles exists etc.The wiring connections were simplified with use of which simplify wiring connections between conductors during installation by professionals or DIY enthusiasts who do not want any hassles.

  • Constant performance: It keeps emitting stable power output onto any LED light fittings hence maintaining lifetime performance according to Rainproof LED Power Supply Review.They regulate current levels so that there will not be fluctuations thereof.Since LEDs will thus remain undamaged this leads to no decline in uniform illumination over time.

  • Energy saving ability: As energy-efficient products these two types convert AC voltage from mains electricity into low voltage DC output resulting in negligible power wastage. This implies that with time, they help cut down on energy consumption as well as operational costs making them ideal choices for use in outdoor lighting applications.

  • Weatherproof: The weather conditions that are suitable for the rainproof LED power supplies include; temperatures both high and low, humidity and UV radiation. Such type of design ensures its year round operation under any circumstances together with those harsh environments situated outside having high differences in temperature and exposure to direct sunlight.

Appilcation of Rainproof LED Power Supply

  • Outdoor LED Lighting: Outdoor landscape lighting, garden lighting, architectural lighting, and path lightings are some outdoor LED lighting systems powered by rainproof LED power supplies. These power supplies make possible the reliability and safety of LED fittings which are exposed to weather elements such as rain or snow.

  • LED Signage and Displays: Rainproof LED power supplies for the illumination of outdoor signage, digital billboards, LED screens, and electronic displays. They provide protection against moisture causing continuous performance in outdoor advertising and promotional applications.

  • Pool and Fountain Lighting: Just like their name suggests, these devices ensure pool lights , underwater LED lights, fountain lights or water feature lighting in swimming pools, spas, fountains and aquatic environments. Thus safe operation is achieved for underwater led fixtures when they are splashed with water or even exposed to direct moisture.

  • Outdoor Security Lighting: In other words rainproof led power supplies serve as a source of energy that powers off white led floodlights , motion activated security lights as well as perimeter lighting around residential industrial and commercial areas. By this means such items protect against wetness making it possible to maintain a consistent illumination level at all times when working towards security purposes.

  • Marine and Boat Lighting: Power supply units for waterproof marine systems include those used on boats /ships/ vessels like led navigation lights, cabin lights deck lights underwater boat lights etc. Such kind of power sources also resist saltwater thus highly suitable for use in marine applications where one may need reliable light solutions.

  • Outdoor Entertainment and Events: The portable staging equipment is applicable to different event places such as open air concerts (rain proof leds), festivals; events – all these may be anywhere but have electric capacity. This ensures that no harm is caused when the products are operated under extreme weather conditions.

  • Garden and Landscape Lighting: For instance in gardens there exist various types of installations including accent lightings path lightings garden bed lightings decorative lightings among others which are all powered by rainproof LED power supplies. This kind of power units can also resist rain and moisture hence effective outdoor illuminations are possible over a long period.

Rainproof LED Power Supply FAQ

Are these power supplies affected by voltage fluctuations?

Many models have built-in voltage regulation circuitry to ensure a stable output voltage even if the input voltage fluctuates.

What is the operating temperature range of these power supplies?

They are typically designed to operate over a wide temperature range, making them suitable for a variety of environmental conditions.

What is the service life of a rainproof LED power supply?

Lifespan varies based on factors such as usage, environmental conditions, and power supply quality, but well-maintained equipment can last for many years.

Are rainproof LED power supplies suitable for use in cold climates?

Yes, they are designed to withstand low temperatures, but it is necessary to check the specifications for the specific temperature rating.

Can I use these power supplies with solar panels?

Yes, you can combine them with solar panels to convert solar energy into usable DC power for your LED lighting system.

Rainproof What is the dustproof and waterproof rating of an LED power supply?

The IP65 rating indicates protection against dust ingress and low-pressure water jets from any direction, while the IP67 rating offers greater protection against dust and immersion in water up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes.

Are rainproof LED power supplies suitable for marine applications?

Yes, they can be used in marine environments with frequent contact with water and moisture, such as ship lighting and dock lighting

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