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LED Indoor Switching Mode Power Supply 350W
  • LED Indoor Switching Mode Power Supply 350W
LED Indoor Switching Mode Power Supply 350W

LED Indoor Switching Mode Power Supply 350W

Introducing our indoor LED power supplies, delivering efficient and reliable performance for your lighting needs. Designed to provide a stable power source, these supplies ensure optimal functionality for indoor LED applications.
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Introducing our indoor LED power supplies, delivering efficient and reliable performance for your lighting needs. Designed to provide a stable power source, these supplies ensure optimal functionality for indoor LED applications. With a power output of 350W, our units are equipped to meet the demands of various lighting setups, offering a seamless and energy-efficient solution. Trust in our LED power supplies to enhance the longevity and performance of your indoor lighting systems.


Indoor LED Power Supplies Specifications: 

Country of OriginChinaPiece Weight0.41kg
AC170-265VAC  50/60HzSize220*60*28mm
Level of ProtectionIP20Guarantee Period2 Years
Recommended Load80%Cases/PCS50
PF0.6 MaxCase/Weight21kg
TA/TC45°C-80°CCarton Size33*23*33
Operating Temperature0-45°C

Indoor LED Power Supplies Features:

1. High Power Output: Our Indoor rated LED power supplies boast a substantial power output, ensuring they can effectively support a wide range of indoor LED lighting applications.

2. Efficient Performance: These power supplies are designed for efficiency, minimizing energy wastage and optimizing the overall performance of your indoor LED lighting systems.

3. Reliable Stability: With a focus on stability, our power supplies provide a consistent and reliable source of power, contributing to the longevity and dependability of your lighting setup.

4. Versatile Compatibility: Whether you have a single powerful LED unit or multiple lights in a setup, our 350W power supplies are versatile enough to accommodate various indoor LED configurations.

5. Energy-Efficient Solution: Embrace sustainability with our LED power supplies, as they are crafted to be energy-efficient, reducing your environmental footprint while maintaining top-notch performance.

6. Enhanced Longevity: Invest in the durability of your lighting infrastructure. Our power supplies contribute to the extended lifespan of your LED fixtures, ensuring a cost-effective and reliable solution for the long term.

7. User-Friendly Design: Easy installation and user-friendly features make these power supplies hassle-free to incorporate into your indoor LED lighting systems, saving you time and effort.

Indoor LED Power Supplies Application:

Our indoor LED power supplies are tailor-made for a diverse range of applications, providing robust support for various lighting needs. Here are some key scenarios where these power supplies shine:

1. Commercial Spaces: Ideal for illuminating retail stores, offices, and other commercial establishments, our power supplies ensure a bright and welcoming environment.


2. Residential Lighting: Enhance the ambiance of homes with efficient and powerful LED lighting. Our 350W power supplies are well-suited for residential applications, from living rooms to bedrooms.

3. Hospitality Venues: Create inviting atmospheres in hotels, restaurants, and cafes. These power supplies offer the necessary energy to illuminate spaces and contribute to a positive customer experience.

4. Exhibition Halls: Illuminate art galleries, museums, and exhibition spaces with confidence. Our power supplies provide consistent and reliable power for showcasing exhibits.

5. Entertainment Venues: From theaters to event halls, our power supplies cater to the unique lighting demands of entertainment venues, ensuring vibrant and dynamic lighting effects.

6. Educational Institutions: Illuminate classrooms, auditoriums, and libraries efficiently. Our power supplies support a conducive learning environment with their stable and reliable performance.


7. Healthcare Facilities: Ensure well-lit and comfortable spaces in hospitals and clinics. Our power supplies contribute to a visually soothing environment for both patients and healthcare professionals.

8. Industrial Settings: From warehouses to manufacturing facilities, our power supplies provide the necessary illumination for safe and productive operations.

Indoor LED Power Supplies FAQs:

What distinguishes the indoor LED power supplies from lower wattage alternatives?

The power output caters to larger and more demanding indoor LED lighting setups, ensuring ample power for enhanced brightness and versatility.

Are these power supplies compatible with dimming systems?

Yes, our power supplies are designed to work seamlessly with dimming systems, providing flexibility in adjusting light intensity based on specific needs.

How do these power supplies contribute to energy efficiency?

Our power supplies incorporate energy-efficient technologies, minimizing power consumption without compromising on the performance of indoor LED lighting systems.

Can these power supplies be used for outdoor LED applications?

No, these power supplies are specifically designed for indoor use. For outdoor LED applications, we recommend exploring our range of outdoor-rated power supply options.

Do these power supplies come with overcurrent and overvoltage protection?

Absolutely. These power supplies are equipped with overcurrent and overvoltage protection mechanisms, ensuring the safety and longevity of both the power supply and connected LED fixtures.

What is the typical lifespan of the indoor LED power supplies?

The power supplies are engineered for durability, and their typical lifespan exceeds industry standards, contributing to the longevity of the connected LED lighting systems.

Can I use these power supplies with different brands/models of LED fixtures?

Yes, our power supplies are designed to be universally compatible, providing reliable power to a wide range of LED fixtures from various brands and models.

How easy is it to install these power supplies?

Installation is straightforward, and user-friendly design features make the process hassle-free. However, we recommend consulting the provided user manual for specific instructions.

Are there any specific maintenance requirements for these power supplies?

Routine maintenance is minimal. Keeping the power supplies free from dust and ensuring proper ventilation will contribute to their optimal performance over time.

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